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Story and Narrative in Games / Batman: Arkham Asylum

We welcome back Daniel Floyd to the show. YouTube legend and animated lecturer Mr Floyd makes for a fantastic conversational guest, bringing his insight and clarity to the show, which this week is about the way story, script and narrative have progressed in the thirty year history of video games. We reach some surprising conclusions about the nature of interactivity and how far we’ve come when held against movies and literature.

The competition segment in the middle explains how you listeners can get your mitts on a MAG beta download code (this immediately afterwards expanded into a full ten available codes so get cracking PS3 owners), with the winners to be announced next week. A Digital Cowboys MAG game night will be on the cards. This is all part of a massive 128 code giveaway brought to you by Platform Nation.

After that there’s a full dedicated 40-minute review of Batman: Arkham Asylum. We leave no stone in Batman’s grim and gothic world unturned exploring this surprisingly high quality comic-book license. There’s a spoiler section at the very end with full warning so those playing know when to spin on.

At the close there’s more music from Jonathan Coulton, a song which as it so happens was on one of the very first podcasts Alex ever took part in. (It wasn’t Digital Cowboys, it was Joinee Radio episode #21 – 22/04/2007 DC completists may like to check that one out and thus pay their respects to the man who taught me how to podcast; Mr Matt Fowler.)

Daniel Floyd can be found at his blog: Talking About These. And definitely check out his series of YouTube lectures, especially the one that tonight’s subject is based on: Video Games and Storytelling.

Jonathan Coulton’s site also features a comprehensive MP3 store. As always, we heartily recommend you take a listen to a few of his songs.

There is a bit of poor sound quality at Tony’s end for the first half, our apologies, and it does get better for the Batman section. We’ll try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Next week: The guys from Big Red Potion and we review Beatles Rock Band.