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http://www.FiretheGrid.orghttp://www.apsismusic.comFire the Grid I — Be One.The earth's vibration has been increasing steadily since July 28, 2009 and many feel it quite acutely. Accelerated consciousness is spreading everywhere as humans become ever more present and accountable for their role in the energetic creation of a new world.Previously "hidden" or inaccessible portals containing wake up codes for the Soul are making themselves known to many, in ways we had only dreamed of previously.Today, we are thrilled to share the next date. As some have now realized, the FTG events have been a countdown, beginning with FTG III back on July 17, 2007 and moving forward. The trilogy of FTG events has been vital to begin the healing of the earth grid while raising our collective consciousness to facilitate this transition into a new paradigm.The next and final FTG energy date is November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT.This date has again been given to Shelley by her guides, wonderful otherworldly beings she has described as liquid light in appearance, and immeasurably Loving. Vibrationally, November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT is the most substantial energy date of the three thus far. It will be encoded as the previous two with highly charged awakening potential as a cosmic opening rains down creative energy upon the earth. All three FTG dates have been shared with us so that we might heal our planet all while reconnecting with our Divine origin by truly living the lives our Souls intended for us before we arrived on earth.As many know, we had little time to prepare FTG II in an ideal manner, as the information was made public but a few short months before the date. For FTG I, we will have ample time to spread the word. We have just over two years of joyful preparation to become a gathering of like-minded humans the likes of which the world has never seen! Although the bar is high after July 17, 2007, we aim to surpass this which is no small feat indeed.Shelley has described the next date as an unparalled celebration for humanity, and we are planning many incremental stepping stones to build up to November 11, 2011. Over the next several weeks, we will begin to disseminate Shelley's insights, both through the written word and through video filmed this past Spring. We are also considering monthly preparations, likely to be centered around the 11th of each month and concentrating on the integration of principles needed to move forward with facility and comfort. More on this will be forthcoming.At a personal level, I have never felt such an incredible desire to share absolutely everything I was born to do. Intuitions, knowledge, poetry, my beloved music; all is finally aligned. And it will bring me great joy to travel the world spreading every one of these things over the next two years through speaking engagements, conferences, musical performances and high frequency events.As I am now quite fond of saying, the message is not the messenger, and never has this been more synchronistic than in this present moment. We have been led most graciously to a great door and we have simply to cross the threshold. All is truly in Divine right order. I believe that when we focus intently on the message and its meaning, we become a proactive conscious cell of Light, radiating outward into the world with confidence and strength. For once we have gained access to important information, does it not become very much our own responsibility? As many are now saying, "the time of the Guru is over."Fire the Grid has touched millions of lives and we are just getting started. Awakening to our amazing human potential is a contagious bliss, an addictive passion. This movement belongs to each of us. It belongs to humanity. And each of us has an equally important role to play in its manifestation.We are looking forward to meeting each of you over the next two years in this most remarkable of journeys. For it is the road to a defining moment in our history, a chance to reconnect with our Divine origin and in the process, restore the earth to a state of health and sustainability.This is a collective path in every sense, and we continue this work with great diligence and honor. For even with Divine intervention, Shelley always told me that her guides advised that we must "put a bit of ourselves into it." It is one thing to walk the path, and still another to know it intimately. The next two years will be all about just that.We have defined our intention to the Universe and we have chosen to be present and accountable in our actions.Now we will begin the process of Becoming One. One with the Earth. One with one another. One with timeless Truths. One with the Source of Life.On November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT, we will collectively "Become One" in a manner and in numbers that will change the course of human history forever.With all our Love,Bradfield