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Sometimes I interview celebrity moms when they are guests on my TV show "The Fashion Team" on the TV Guide Channel (which, by the way, one needs a divining rod, crystals and ├é┬ájumper cables to figure out when it comes on as it airs now ever other week… usually… on Sunday and Monday nights… mostly). I love the gals I interview, or I wouldn't ask them to do a bit for Cool Mom. If someone wasn't fun, I would just skip it. I often ask them about beauty on the go. Or how can us moms not look and feel like crap. Now, I know if I haven't gotten enough sleep, which I haven't for almost every day for nearly 7 months now, no amount of spit and polish will make me feel like I look good.

And when I haven't slept, I usually want to snack on carbs, which makes me feel fat, and I probably don't have time to exercise, which can make me feel a tad better about Team Daphne.

But, sometimes, I do think, "Hey, I look pretty good." My husband tells me I look nice when I'm naked. (He did recently have eye surgery so let's take that with a grain of salt.) And then of course there is the unconditional love given to me by my adorable little kids. Kids love doesn't see whether their mom is Heidi Klum or Doris behind the wheel of a Honda Odyssey whose pants are about to split. They just see their moms in a shining light. Right?