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Childhood obesity? Sugar high? Childhood osteoporosis? Huh?Why do so many young people today find it funny that their parents (boomers) always get excited and giddy when the topic of conversation turns to candy, the candy store and snacking?Baby boomers, then, felt entitled to eat every delicious item they could find in the candy store or at the soda fountain. No one worried about the harmful effects of sugar, food coloring and additives. Lay it on! "Don't spoil your dinner" was the only prohibition. At 5 cents an item it really wasn't a financial problem, either. A trip to the candy store - much simpler times!Candy bars, sodas, twinkies, chewing gum - they were icons of privilege and a world free of limitations or warnings.Enter at your own risk. These clips will probably have you taking that trip to the candy store. Just remember - things are a little different for us now!