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Anna Stella Schic (1925-2009) was a very important pianist from the XX century. She studied in Brazil with the great teacher Klias and soon went to Paris to study with Marguerite Long and Lazare-Levy. Villa-Lobos became impressed with her lyrism and tallent and gave very precious advices to how play all his works. She was the first pianist to record ALL works for piano composed by him. Also she was his favorite pianist. She recorded all work composed by MENDELSSOHN and GERSHWIN either. She married the french composer Philippot and lived more then 50 years in France, and was very respected by the critic and the audience. As a teacher, she only accepted pianists with high level and tallent and had a small number of pupils, dedicating herself, in this subject, to masterclasses. Her thechnique was brilliant (she used to study hard everyday, a lot of exercises and études). She divulgated Philippot works, playing with him too. Unfortunately, she passed away last year but she wasn´t playing anymore in public since 1994, when Philippot died. Her greatest importance is due to the record of the completed works by Gershwin, Villa-Lobos and Mendelssohn. This last one was deeply studyied by her at the last years of her career. THIS RECORD IS UNIQUE, ANTOLOGICAL AND PERHAPS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER MADE.