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Added: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 08:33:31 -0800
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Two Powerful Voices Fight For Excellence In Aero-EducationThere are a number of voices speaking loudly and clearly about matters we all need to address in terms of flight safety and aero-education. Two of the most prominent of those voices are Professional Aviation Educators Sandy and JoAnn Hill. The center of a massive controversy this year, Sandy and JoAnn are getting their lives back to normal in the wake of the separation from NAFI and the start of the independent Master Instructors LLC program.Master Instructors LLC has updated, restructured, and is once again available to all qualified applicants. Adhering to a rigorous continuing education and peer-review process, the program promotes professionalism among aviation educators and provides well-deserved recognition for their contributions to aviation education, training, and safety.The Master Instructor program was conceived and developed by MCFIs Sandy and JoAnn Hill, longtime CFIs and nationally known aviation ...