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Mark Our Words... The Private Spaceflight Revolution Will Be Won by Companies Like XCORI have a number of heroes in the aviation and aerospace business... some of whom I've written about quite a bit and a few that I need to write much more about. Near the top of the list of XCOR Aerospace's Jeff Greason and the oh-so-talented team that supports this uncommon man with a dream AND the chutzpah to make it happen.Jeff Greason has 17 years experience managing innovative technical project teams at XCOR Aerospace, Rotary Rocket and Intel Corporation. As president and a co-founder of XCOR, he leads the engineering team that has developed ten different long-life, highly-reusable liquid-fueled rocket engines, a low-cost liquid propellant piston pump, and two manned reusable rocket aircraft the EZ-Rocket and a prototype for a private customer. As part of his duties at XCOR, Mr. Greason has had the final go/no-go decision responsibility on hundreds of rocket engine test firings, more than twenty manned rocket flights, and has served as a flight test engineer aboard one of those flights.Founded in 1999, XCOR Aerospace is a small, privately-held California C-Corporation. Their headquarters and development facilities are located at the Mojave Spaceport and Civilian Aerospace Test Center in Mojave, California. XCOR engages in research, development, and production of reusable rocket-powered, horizontal launch vehicles for suborbital, and ultimately, orbital travel.Building on the success of our first and second generation rocket-powered planes, XCOR Aerospace is proceeding towards a phased development of its next generation vehicle, the suborbital RLV named Lynx, which will take a passenger and a pilot to the edge of space.XCOR Chief Test Pilot and three-time Space Shuttle Pilot and Commander, Rick Searfoss said the Lynx will carry people or payloads to the edges of space up to four times a day. Seated next to him in the co-pilot seat, participants will undoubtedly experience the thrill of a lifetime.Aero-TV Is in Awe Of XCOR Aerospace And The Team That Will Make Private Spaceflight Commonplace (Part 2)!FMI:,,, 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.