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Friday, November 25th - KINGSLEY SPOILS TWILIGHTSaturday, November 26th - KINGSLEY SPOILS NEW MOONSunday, November 27th - KINGSLEY SPOILS ECLIPSEMonday, November 28th - KINGSLEY SPOILS BREAKING DAWN PART 1This is a preview of "Kingsley Spoils" - which will continue in 2012 as I see new releases every week - reviewing films in the blunt and vulgar way that only Kingsley can do. This "series" will join "Ask Kingsley" and "Overexposed" to make up much of my content in the next year.Then.... it's... HATLESS WEEK.From November 29th until December 5th - I will be vlogging in a way you have NEVAH EVAH SEEN ME VLOG BEFORE. I'll be out and about, answering questions I've been asked in a serious manner and letting you see the boy behind the ranting bitch.FINALLY...After getting to know my boring ass for a week, THE HAT COMES BACK. On December 6th, like last year, I will make a video announcing the nominees for Overexposed 2011 and you guys shall vote. Overexposed 2011 will take place from December 13th until the day before Christmas (December 24th, if you're retarded).Are you ready bitches? I think you are.