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Josh Ozerksy himself admits to previously believing in "the force" when judging the temperature of his Thanksgiving turkey. He helps you overcome your hubris too and breaks down the different thermometers with the message that "any thermometer is better than no thermometer at all." Expert: Josh Ozersky Bio: Josh Ozersky is the executive producer and host of Ozersky.TV, writes the "Taste of America" column for TIME magazine and is the author of "The Hamburger: A History." Filmmaker: Carrie Leigh Series Description: Food writer and historian Josh Ozersky chronicles the dishes we use as cures to life's woes, from classic Americana comfort food like hamburgers and hash browns to new favorites like pasta and falafel. "Every trauma in my life has been answered by a medicating sandwich," Ozersky says. "And rare was the depression that couldn't be cured, for a few minutes anyway, by eating dripping mozzarella over the sink."