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Copyright: Hooplakidz inc. Discover the magic of the animal kingdom with music and animation. This video is designed for toddlers and children to learn about animals and the sounds they make through rhyme, song and dance. These are the sounds that the animals make (x4) The Cat goes meow The Cow goes moo The Pig goes oink The Rooster goes Cocka doodle doo The Hen goes cackle The Dog goes woof The Turkey goes gobble The Monkey goes whoop The Mouse goes squeak The Sheep goes baa The Eagle screams eeeee The Hyena laughs Ha-ha The Rabbit goes drum The Pigeon goes coo The Elephant goes trump The Wolf howls Awooooo The Donkey goes He-haw The Parrot goes talk Helloooo The Crow goes Kaw The Owl goes hoot The Bear growls grr The Snake goes hiss The Horse goes neigh The Bee goes buzz The Tiger goes roar The Sparrow goes chirp The Frog goes ribbit And the boy down the street goes buuurp Download Hooplakidz Songs on iTunes: Become a Hooplakidz Fan on Facebook: