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Beyonce is getting parenting advice from her little sister. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Beyonce and hubby Jay Z are expecting their first child together, and surprisingly, Beyonce is getting parenting advice from her much younger sister Solange. Solange has a 7 year old son named Julez with her ex husband, and Beyonce has proven to be a fantastic aunt. "I don't need any advice [on how to be a great aunt]," Solange said, "Because she has been a phenomenal aunt to my [7-year-old son Julez], so she's set the tone as an aunt. I've set the tone as a mom, so we're learning from each other." And because Beyonce has spoiled Julez over the years, Solange is planning on returning the favor when B gives birth. Doesn't Beyonce pretty much financially support her entire family? So basically she's going to pay for her sister to spoil her own kid. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right? Do you think B and J are having a boy or a girl? Tweet us @hollyscoop and let us know.