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Hey beautiful ones!I was suddenly inspired to make a video on plastic surgery. I understand that this topic is touchy but for some reason- many people are curious upon this subject.In this superficial world today, it's hard not to feel insecure especially when the media pressurizes us to look good. Sometimes, we take the phrase "Nobody is perfect" for granted because it's said so many times.Why do we judge other people based on our own perceptions?What defines a person as fake?I believe that everybody is entitled to make their own decisions. I, myself have seriously considered it in the past. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Although I didn't go through with it in the end (I share my reasons why in the video) I still understand why anybody would want to go through with it. However, I also understand it's a huge decision and not something to be taken lightly. I hope this video can challenge how you really feel about cosmetic surgery. In the end, it is up to you to decide and that's fine. As long as you really think it through.This video is for anybody who is contemplating on the thought of getting cosmetic surgery or for anybody who is simply curious. I'm no professional and I have no right to tell you guys what to do. I just wanted to share my past experiences with you guys. Know that I'm not always the "confident" girl who is happy to be imperfect. I once was obsessed with the idea of perfecting myself.Today, I'm still very aware of my flaws but I've learnt to accept myself for who I am. It's lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I know I'm not perfect but realizing this has made me feel more beautiful than ever.Personality is beautyKnowledge is beautyKindness is beautyCharacter is beautyWe all have it within ourselves. We just have to seek deep within.Plastic surgery or not. It's just an exterior. To me, an "all-natural" girl who bitches behind people's back is more fake to me than a girl who has had multiple procedures but has a kind heart.Stay beautiful everybody!Much love, Bubz xxCheck out the Bubzbeauty Official Website. I update tons of beauty, fashion and hair related articles almost daily.http://www.bubzbeauty.com_____________________________Follow me on Twitter: to my Vlog channel: the Bubbi Makeup Brushes & Clothing Line:http://www.shopbubbi.comConnect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^