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Background info right here:In production since late August... By Pinkie Pie's beak this has been a monumental production.I really wanted to nail a visual language for this. Given how the song was the first in the series to have singing, I looked to kinetic typography, rather than lipsynching. A first, and I think it's turned out great.Together with slick minimalism and Rarity's colours a style was born.Next to that I wanted to explore the wondrous world of After Effects, which is where all the masking (rotobrushing) happened, which is about 20x faster than doing everything by hand, like the previous vid.All of that was exported, put into Vegas and animated. You do not want to see the project file. It is a mess.Applejack's will the final entry of this series. First though I'm taking a short break.Enjoy.--Check out my PMV thread over at Ponygoons: synchtube Goulding - Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)