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Another violent receptionBy Sun Xiaochen (China Daily)BEIJING - China is fast becoming known for "basketbrawl" and not basketball after another ugly scuffle erupted in the fourth quarter of an exhibition game between the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) club Foshan Longlions and Australian league team the Melbourne Tigers on Tuesday.According to Chinese media reports, an Australian guard intentionally fouled Foshan forward Zheng Zhun in protest of the officiating as Foshan led 109-105 with 20 seconds left in the final period. Zheng's teammates fought back, and the two sides exchanged punches and kicks. The game was forced to end prematurely and the spectators were shocked.The Longlions released an apology on their website on Wednesday and said the teams had reconciled."We feel so sorry for the fans and the Australian side for the reckless behavior during the match. We have taken the necessary efforts to avoid further negative effects of the incident, and both sides have reached full understanding and forgiveness," said the statement.On Wednesday afternoon, the Chinese Basketball Association imposed a one-week suspension of competition and training for the team. Its officials and all the players that involved were ordered to hand in written self-criticism to the sport's authority.Despite the apology and the punishment, a history of reckless acts has damaged the international image of Chinese basketball.Two months ago, a brawl erupted between another CBA team, the Bayi Rockets, and the NCAA's Georgetown Hoyas on Aug 18 in a friendly game during United States Vice President Joe Biden's China visit.Last October, the Chinese national team's Asian Games warm-up against Brazil was marred by a fight that left several players hurt. FIBA, the sport's world governing body, imposed suspensions and fines on China's head coach, Bob Donewald, and some of the players.The China team also fought visiting US all-star teams in 2001 and 2003, and the Lebanon national team at the 2001 Asian Basketball Championships. At the Stankovic Cup in 2005, China received a fine totaling $176,000 for an ugly melee with Puerto Rico."Although a fight won't be triggered by a single side. This is a very bad influence on China's basketball. Treating your guests like this ... who will come to play in China in the future?" said a comment.China Daily(中國‧佛山19日綜合電)佛山龍獅男籃和澳洲代表隊澳洲虎的友誼賽,比賽雙方爆發激烈衝突,最終引發兩隊球員群毆。據現場球迷爆料,有人臉上被打出血,還有人拿起椅子追打對手。比賽結束前最后20秒的時候,佛山隊還領先對手,此時處于落后的澳洲虎隊使用犯規戰術,但是第一次打手犯規時裁判並未響哨。隨后該球員再使用犯規動作,佛山隊的球員對此非常不滿,隨即與對手發生衝突,雙方越來越激烈的推搡最終引發群毆,場下的替補球員也全都衝上賽場。據悉在衝突中有人面部被打出血,佛山隊場下的替補球員更是掄起椅子追打對手。現場觀戰的網友在自己的微博揭露:"佛山龍獅籃球隊對澳洲老虎隊,由于佛山隊個別球員不夠冷靜,先動手所以后來做成雙方球員大打出手,演變成一場肉搏大戰,這樣做實在太沒有素質了,怎樣當職業球員啊!唉"在群毆發生前佛山隊以109比105領先澳洲虎隊,這也成為本場比賽的最終結果。就此事件佛山男籃發表道歉聲明,並對廣大球迷表示歉意。嚴格遵循中國籃協的要求,狠抓賽風賽季,杜絕類似事件發生。