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NOTE: The video is not my creation. The original can be seen here - LINK - if anime theme tunes told the truth?Performed by blackrose1mWritten by LittleKuribohBased on "Cruel Angel's Thesis" from the anime Neon Genesis EvangelionLYRICSThe theme tune to an overrated animeSomeone shoot me, I'm already depressedADVWas a companyThat financed the dub of a popular showThat was then, this is nowIt's become a cash cowA shadow of what it used to beHow did the hellDid it do so wellWhen the main character is totally gayHe whines like a girlAnd he fights like one tooCrying "I must not run away!"I could have sworn that an anime hero was meant to have big hairy ballsWhereas this guy Shinji seems quite unable to get up whenever he fallsWhy do people think this show is a masterpiece?It's a cartoon about a bunch of giant mechsInterspersed with the story of an emo kidAnd some pointless religious symbolism!By the way the movies are all bullshitDon't pretend that you understand the ending!