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If you don't know what I'm talking about in this vid, watch my last video, it explains a lot: Firing RangeGun: Enfield (Dual Mags)Setup: Hardline Pro, Hardened Pro, Hacker ProKillstreaks: Blackbird, Chopper Gunner, Attack DogsFinal Score: 39-4Some stuff I wanted to talk about but didn't get a chance to in the video:-I'm going to start posting Pokemon Wi-Fi battles again soon (4th gen only until Smogon get B&W tiering up) and get back into battling. I'll probably post all the vids up to Machinima Realm though.-I'm a little bored of Black Ops and haven't had time nor the urge to play it these past 2 weeks, but I still have about 10 or so stockpiled games to upload for you guys, which should tie you over until the new maps come out Feb. 1st.-I have Bad Company 2 Vietnam but haven't had much time to play it.-The Enfield and the Galil are very statistically similar. The main differences that matter is the Galil gets 5 more bullets in a mag + a little more max damage range, but the Enfield gets faster ADS speed (SMG ADS speed to be precise) making it preference on which one you want to use. I'm surprised I don't see the Enfield used more, its a monster.