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Don't think you've ever seen anything like this!!!! The WFPF in Part 2 of 3 films by the incredible Andrew Wonder (Mike Solsky, editor) & filmed at the 2009 New Jersey State Fair in the USA & featuring WFPF athletes Daniel Ilabaca, Tim "Livewire" Shieff, King David, Daniel Arroyo, and Phil Doyle. They closed down the rides for the WFPF when we asked them too!!! So fun!!!! Yippee!!!!!! Go to to put up your profile for free!!!!!!!!! Be part of the WFPF social network!!!!
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Click here to watch the video (02:57)
Submitted By: WFPF
Tags: WFPF Parkour Free Running Daniel Ilabaca Livewire Tim Shieff King David Arroyo Michael Turner Ryan Doyle Pip Andersen PhillyD Phil Ben Jenkin Tempest Ultimate Challenge MTV Taylor Swift Funny 
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