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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Who's Back trailer

02/27/12 Ever wondered what would else was going on during Resident Evil 2 and 3 Well check out Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and find ... tags: 360Citycomputer GameComputer Game TrailerEvilGAMEgaminguk

Ridge Racer Unbounded - Trailer

02/22/12 Ridge Racer is on its way back into the eager hands of gamers. Ridge Racer Unbounded is coming to add an unexpected dimension to the ... tags: 360computer GameComputer Game TrailerGAMEGaming RiggamingukKeyboard and Mouse

Binary Domain - Hollow Child Trailer

02/23/12 A robotic threat threatens to take over the world, leaving humanity obsolete in this intense 3rd-person squad-based shooter from the ... tags: 360BinaryChildcomputer GameComputer Game TrailerDomainGAME

Hard News 02/20/12 (Digital Devil Saga, Indie Games, Alan Wake)

ScrewAttack vs Machinima. IT'S ON Check out all the news, reviews, original content, and community on ScrewAttack ... tags: alan wakeatlusattackdigital devil sagaghostlighthardhard news

SentUAMessage: Series 5 - Episode 2

The unstoppable juggernaut that is SentUAMessage plough on with episode two of the new series. In this installment Yayoman PR gets sand ... tags: AliensAliens: Colonial MarinesAndy FarrantColonial MarinesDan MaherDragons DogmaFar Cry

The Arcade Cabinet: Happy Action Theater and Haunt

Happy Action Theater and Haunt are the stars of this week's Arcade Cabinet on Inside Xbox. The show that brings you the finest highlights ... tags: Arcade CabinetDouble FineFarrantulaHappy Action TheaterHauntInside Xboxmrpointyhead

Splinter Cell: Conviction - Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Game Preview

This week's new Xbox LIVE game is Splinter Cell Conviction. This one was announced long long ago in 2011, but it's finally becoming ... tags: Cell:ConvictionGameLIVEPhonePreviewSplinter

Max Payne 3 - Latest Trailer - Preorder yours!

02/21/12 Take a look at the latest Max Payne 3 trailer to see why YOU should be excited about the upcoming Max Payne 3 video game available ... tags: 360computer GameComputer Game TrailerGAMEGaming RiggamingukKeyboard and Mouse - Ghost Recon Future Soldier Animationsvideo

In diesem neuen Video wird eindrucksvoll demonstriert, wie gut das neue Deckungssystem funktioniert und wie die flssigen Animationen ... tags: Ghost reconghostrecontom clancyxboxxbox 360xbox livexbox360

The Watch: Series 1 Episode 1

Congratulations viewer You've stumbled across the very best new show on Xbox LIVE. The Watch is a punchy round-up of all the latest Xbox ... tags: Alan WakeAlan Wakes American NightmareDan MaherInside XboxMass Effect 3Mass Effect 3 demoMass Effect 3 Kinect