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Russia's Resistance Against Empire

Feb 24, 2012 - As the crisis in the Trans-Atlantic economies intensifies, London's time frame to detonate thermonuclear war is quickly ... tags: British Empireeconimc collapsefinancial collapselarouchelarouchepacLPACTVMedvedev

What is the Base-line? - World In Review - January 5, 2011 ·

What does it mean, to keep pace with the universe How do we get a sense, in the mind, of what it is we must keep pace with-- which, if we ... tags: 25th Amendmentasteroidscosmic radiationcosmic raysDennis MasonForces of Naturegalactic threat

Morning Overview - January 6, 2012

On this Sunday, Jan. 8th, Lyndon LaRouche will hold an emergency webcast discussion with the entire slate of LaRouche Democrats on the ... tags: 201225th amendmentAsuka SaitoBritish empireChinadrive for warGaddafi

Late Night World in Review - December 27, 2011

The drive for WWIII continues with both curious as well as overt activity today in Syria and Iran. Unless Obama is removed this will indeed ... tags: 25th AmendmentimpeachmentIranlarouchepaclaroucheyouthLPACTVObama

The Status of the Obama Crisis- World in Review - Nov 21, 2011

Today Lyndon LaRouche provided a strategic assessment of the political situation globally. Tonight we provide the five factors associated ... tags: British empire british puppet laroucheyouth Obama remove Obama world war 3British empire

Lyndon LaRouche- Strategic Assessment - November 21, 2011

This morning's overview features an urgent strategic assessment from Lyndon LaRouche identifying the British Empire's increased drive for ... tags: british empire laroucheyouth LPACTV strategic assessment world war 3british empireDaily Report

LPAC Thursday November 17th, While You Were Sleeping

In the build up to war there is the factor of an unconscious reverence to an oligarchical principle. Although people many think that ... tags: British empire culture freedom Limari Navarette Bedford LPACTV nuclear war oligarchy

LPAC Weekly Report November 16, 2011

Lyndon LaRouche, Sky Sheilds, Peter Martinson John Hoefle discuss the fact that this is the end-game for the oligarchical system and pose ... tags: british empire china creativity extreme weather galactic weather human species iran

The Latest Strategic Overview from LaRouche

The latest strategic assessment from Lyndon LaRouche, recorded this past Saturday, November 12th. The political agenda as we begin this ... tags: 25th amendment impeachment LPACTV mass genocide Remove Obama World War 325th amendment

The Case for Impeachment - November 15, 2011

LaRouchePAC finds the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in violation of the ... tags: 25th Amendment 4th Amendment 5th Amendment Barack Obama Britiah empire drones high crimes and misdeanors