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Wipeout Videos - 7 by Popular

Wipeout Season The Best of - 2012

The best falls and failures from the WIPEOUT US TV show Video on Youtube ___________________________________________________________ Best ... tags: BestextremeFailsfailuresFunJumpof

Girl Wipes Out On Treadmill!

Testing out a yoga ball on a treadmill always leads to disaster. She learned her lesson tags: failfallfunnytreadmilltreadmilllvideowipeout

Homemade Scooter Test Fail!

A drunken Russian man gets a nasty surprise while testing out his new homemade scooter tags: funnymanrussianvespavideowipeout

How Not to Steal Gas!

A driver panics and drives off after a gas station attendant noticed the front and back plates of this vehicle didn't match. Problem was ... tags: failgasstealstealingwipeout

Moto Wipesout at 100 mph

How did he get up that quickly SUBSCRIBE LIKE us on FACEBOOK FOLLOW us on TWITTER REGISTER and UPLOAD on our WEBSITE tags: 100hourmilemotomphoutper

Harlem Shake Fire Fail

A Harlem Shake in Germany ends with a man falling into a fire Luckily his friend acted quick and pulled him out. tags: firefunnyharlemintoshakewipeout

Reckless Biker Causes Double Crash

Luckily the biker managed to keep control and avoided serious injury. Next time don't wear a only a t-shirt tags: bikercausesdoublemotorcycleoutwipewipeout

Surfing - Big wave - Straighten Out Wipeout - Teahupoo

Big wave surfer loses his balance and is forced to straighten out on a bomb at Teahupo'o, in Tahiti. ... tags: extremesportssurfsurferssurfingTahitiTeahupoo

Gymnast Wipes Out During Routine

It's pretty obvious which gymnast brought this routine to a halt Hopefully he was alright. tags: duringgymnastoutroutinewipeoutwipes

Wedding Race Wipe Out!

This will probably end up being the most memorable moment of their wedding day. The groom might be in the doghouse after that tags: funnygoneraceweddingwipeoutwrong

Street Luge Barrel Roll Wipeout!

Watch how many times this street luge rider rolls over after losing control and wiping out. Good thing he ended up being alright tags: crashfaillugestreetwipeout