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RE: Massage and Warts

From My question is regarding warts on clients What do I do, if I'm doing a reflexology massage and the client has plantar warts These are ... tags: contraindicatedincicatedmassagetherapywarts

Understanding HPV

Have you ever heard of HPV, the human papillomavirus Over 50 of sexually active Americans have caught this STD If you're sexually active, ... tags: analbirthcancercervical_cancercervixcondomfuck

Get the Dish on Gardasil

You've heard the buzz surrounding the HPV-vaccine Gardasil. Now get the doctor-verified facts on the new STD-prevention vaccine. tags: cancercervicaldiseaseeffectsfemaleGardisilgenital

STD Testing For Men

Getting tested is obviously smart, but it's scary, too When should men get tested tags: AIDSblistersCDCchlamydiadickgaygenital

Learn About Genital Warts

Genital Warts are one of the most common STIs affecting thousands of people every year. This video explains genital wart symptoms, ... tags: AboutDr_Anuradha_ArasuGenitalgenital_wartsgenital_warts_creamgenital_warts_curegenital_warts_symptoms

Flat Warts Treatment Options

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee treats the flat warts that have been spreading up and down Brianna's leg. tags: Causes_of_WartsDr._Drew_OrdonDr._Sandra_LeeFlatFlat_Treatment_ProcedureFlat_Warts_Treatmentfor

How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

Genital wart is a sexually transmitted infection which is transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person. Warts have no cure ... tags: andcryotherapydeal_with_genital_wartsgenitaliagenital_wartsgenital_warts_treatmentgetting_rid_of_genital_warts

HPV: Treatment and Prevention

This year in American alone, over 6 million people will contract the sexually transmitted disease, HPV. Learn how its symptoms are treated, ... tags: analcancercervical_cancercervixcondomfuckgardasil

HPV: Genital Warts & Other Effects

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that takes more than 40 different forms Learn about them and their effects - including genital warts ... tags: analbirthcancercervical_cancercervixcondomconsequences

STD Testing For Women

It may not be fair, but it's true Many STDs affect women more than men, so it's particularly vital for females to get tested, STAT tags: AIDSblisterschlamydiagenitalgirlsgonorrheaguru