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Time-lapse video reveals the secret life of beer

To celebrate the 2014 release of its Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has released this time-lapse video ... tags: beerFunnylapselifeOffbeatrevealssecret

THANKS, MOM: Procter and Gamble Release Another Heartfelt Olympic Ad

Procter and Gambles newest ad to make you cry is a ripoff of their old material. The brand returned its heartfelt Thank you, Mom commercial ... tags: commercialheartwarmingmomsnewsbreakerolympicsora_mediaora_tv

BUMPER CARS: Video Captures Icy Road Pile Up in Colorado After Van Loses Control

Icy roads make for dangerous driving conditions- but that didnt stop this guy from speeding to his destination. Caught on tape in Colorado, ... tags: car_crashcaught_on_tapecoloradodrivingfreezingicy_roadsnewsbreaker

Massive wave sends people running on Portugal

An enormous wave struck the harbour area, promenade and car park in the coastal town of Foz de Douro in northern Portugal on Monday ... tags: AtlanticLucky_EscapeMassiveOffbeatPeoplePortugalRunning

WEB NEWS - Cambodia launches crackdown on opposition

In this edition online reports of the violent crackdown on opposition activists in Cambodia coping with the severe cold weather in the US ... tags: buzzCambodiacampaignfrance24hi-techhitechInternet

Cheeky crab steals camera

Curious crab drags a GoPro camera at a dive resort in Fiji and takes it to his tiny crab nest. tags: AnimalsCameraCheekyCheeky_Crab_Steals_cameraCrabGoProMaldives

Surfers Descend on Ireland for Highest Waves in Storm

Daredevil surfers flocked to Mullaghmore Head in Co Sligo, Ireland, where waves as high as 11.8 meters were reported on January 6. ... tags: IrelandViralWeather

Monkey Enjoys Snowball Snack

Jigokudani Monkey Park in central Japan is famous for its warm springs and wild Japanese Macaque population. The monkeys are well used to ... tags: 2013_地獄谷野猿公苑_捏雪球的小雪猴Dec_12japanJigokudani_Monkey_ParkMacaque_monkeysnowballviral

FACE EXPLOSION: Man Tapes Firecrackers to His Mouth and Lights them Up

A young boy sought internet fame the hard way. He posted a video to Reddit, showing him blowing up firecrackers taped to his face. He seems ... tags: darwin_awardfirecrackersliveleaknewsbreakerora_mediaora_tvreddit

Internet Legend Runs for Governor to Get Back Pet Raccoon

Internet legend Mark Coonrippy Brown is running for governor his platform Give me back my racoon Browns pet, Rebekah, was taken from him ... tags: governormark_coonrippy_brownmelissa_mccartynewsbreakerora_mediaora_tvpolitics

Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground release video

Macaulay Culkin and friends pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band the Pizza Underground have released their first video. tags: andCelebrityCulkinFunnyMacaulay_CulkinPizza_Undergroundrelease