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Neiman Marcus Customers At Risk After Data Breach

Neiman Marcus has learned hackers might have stolen shoppers' credit card information after accessing the retailer's customer database. tags: business_newsneiman_marcus_breachneiman_marcus_credit_cardsneiman_marcus_dataneiman_marcus_securitytarget_data_breachtarget_stores

Girl's Letter To Future Self Goes Viral After Her Death

Months after her death, a 12-year-old girl makes a big impact when her parents share an inspirational letter she wrote to her future self. tags: letter_to_futureletter_to_older_selflittle_girl_letterTaylor_Smith_LetterTim_Smithus_news

Chris Christie's Credibility On The Line Amid Bridge Scandal

Pundits and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are questioning what the New Jersey governor knew and when he knew it. tags: bridge_scandalchristie_aideschristie_presidential_candidatechris_christiefort_leemark_sokolichnew_jersey

Colo. Officials Respond To 420 Mile Marker Theft Problem

The Colorado Department of Transportation changed the 420 mile marker sign to 419.99. The change comes after the original sign kept getting ... tags: 420_mile_marker420_signcdotcolorado_marijuanacolorado_weedlegalize_marijuanamarijuana

A-Rod Gets Reduced Suspension, Loses $25M Salary For 1 Year

The Yankees third baseman will be suspended for the entire 2014 season, which is the longest drug-related suspension in MLB history. tags: alex_rodriguez_biogenicsalex_rodriguez_suspensionmajor_league_baseball_biogenicsmlbmlb_biogenicsnew_york_yankeessports_news

Alex Rodriguez Files Lawsuit Against MLB, MLBPA

A-Rod and his legal team had threatened to sue if his suspension stayed in place, and Monday they stayed true to their word. tags: alex_rodriguez_biogenicsalex_rodriguez_suspensionfederal_courtmajor_league_baseball_biogenesismlbmlb_biogenesisnewsy

Powerall Battery Can Jumpstart Your Car and Charge Phone

The Powerall is a multitasking battery capable of charging a cell phone and jump starting a car. A dead car battery and no jumper cables in ... tags: 12000_mah_powerallGeoBeatsmultitasking_powerallNewspowerall_batterypowerall_charge_phonepowerall_dead_engine

Southwest Plane Lands at Wrong Airport, Almost Barrels Down Cliff

Unfortunately for travelers on Southwest Airlines recent flight 4013, things took an unexpected and baffling turn. The plane somehow landed ... tags: GeoBeatsNewsplane_close_cliffsouthwest_branson_airportsouthwest_wrong_airporttaney_airport_southwesttaney_county_airport

Florida's Historic Seven Mile Bridge Will Become Wheelchair Accessible

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has allocated 1.16 million for plans to improve a historic tourist destination so it can ... tags: bridge_pigeon_keyflorida_bridge_projectGeoBeatshistoric_keys_bridgemarathon_key_bridgeNewsseven_mile_accessibility

Ravens Increasingly Building Homes on Utility Poles

In the United States, raven populations are reportedly building their nests on electrical poles, which has made them a larger threat to ... tags: GeoBeatsNewsravens_live_polesravens_nest_polesravens_perch_polesravens_rest_polesravens_us_utility_poles