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USA - US Afghanistan veterans prepare for transition to civilian life

The details still haven't been set regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. President Karzai has so far refused to sign a ... tags: AfghanistanAfghanistan_warUSAUS_military

Sexual assaults in the US military

The issue of sexual assault in the ranks erupted in the spring when the Pentagon released a study estimating that 26,000 instances of ... tags: active-duty_service_membersKirsten_GillibrandLieutenant_Colonel_Jeff_KrusinskiPentagonPentagon_survey_studyPress_TVsexual_assault

U.S. Military Scales Down Aid Efforts In Philippines

The U.S. military has began scaling back its emergency relief operations in the Philippines as work shifts to recovery and rehabilitation ... tags: Disaster_AccidentEnvironment_NewsInternational_Monetary_FundKashmirPublic_safetyresponsethe

Amy Weber - Hero

Amy Weber pays a tribute to all of those in the USA Armed Forces in her music video 'Hero'. tags: American_TroopsAmy_WeberDauman_MusicHeromusic_videoUSAUS_military

DEBATE - Afghanistan: The Endless War? (part 2)

As elders in Kabul vote on letting 15,000 US-led troops stay on for another decade, France 24 brings you an exclusive report from Kapisa ... tags: affairsAfghanistanAfghanistan_waranalysisbreakingcommentcurrent

4 Marines Killed In Explosion At Camp Pendleton 

An explosive device killed four ordnance disposal technicians on the range of the base Wednesday morning. tags: camp_pendletonexplosionmarinesmarine_training_accident_californiasan_diegous_militaryus_news

Guantanamo Guards Accused Of Improper Document Seizures

An attorney for a man charged with plotting the September 11 attacks accused U.S. military guards at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility ...

THE INTERVIEW - Xenia Dormandy, Chatham House Senior Fellow

Should the US stop policing the world No, says former State Department official and Chatham House Fellow, Xenia Dormandy. But she tells ...

FOCUS - US military security under review after Navy Yard shooting

In the United States, the recent deadly shooting at Washington's Navy Yard left 12 people dead - and a lot of unanswered questions. Those ...

IN THE PAPERS - US Army cracks down on tattoos

INTERNATIONAL PRESS Weds. 25/09/13 International papers continue to focus on the Nairobi mall attack and the role of Somali communities ...

U.S. To Establish Cable Link To Guantanamo Base In Two Years

A Defense Department official testifying at the war crimes tribunal said the U.S. military is laying an undersea fiber-optic cable line to ...