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WTF 10 Most Weirdest Laws

People do strange things, therefore weird laws are written to help straighten them out. Some of these bizarre laws almost seem like urban ...

WTF Toilet Themed Restaurant

Usually, it takes time for a new restaurant to end up in the toilet, but the 'Magic Restroom Cafe' was already there before it opened. The ...

How to Make Waffles with Leftover Stuffing

10/17/13's Jenny Stewart demonstrates a quick, easy, creative way to serve up leftover stuffing this Thanksgiving.

Why is it still so cold? "Global weirding" behind spring chill

What happened to spring Time magazine senior editor Bryan Walsh speaks to the 'CBS This Morning' co-hosts about the unusually cold weather.

Marfa, Texas: The capital of quirkiness

Morley Safer finds a rich cultural stew of cowboys and artists mixing it up in an unusual West Texas town.

Découvrez le nom qu'Halle Berry a donné à son fils

Halle Berry et Olivier Martinez auraient appel leur fils Maceo Robert Martinez.

Find Out Halle Berry's 'Gift From God' Baby Name

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have reportedly named their first child Maceo Robert Martinez.

Nairobi mall hostage situation atypical for authorities

CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg reports from Nairobi, Kenya, on the terror attack at a mall, and how authorities have been trying to ...

Rare snow falls in Atacama desert of Chile

A rare snowfall in Chile's Atacama desert has delighted visitors to one of the world's driest areas.

A Most Peculiar Pedestrian

quotMaybe if I drive real slow-like, they won't notice that I'm a van.quot Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: carpeculiarpedestrianroadunusual

3 Unusual Things Craved by China's Millionaires

Chinas new and aspiring millionaires are demanding new levels of extravagance and oddity with these three hot status symbolsThroughout ... tags: chinaKnowledgemillionairesunusualunusual_millionaireunusual_thingsunusual_things_craved

Norway PM poses as taxi driver in campaign stunt

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg donned a taxi driver's uniform recently and took passengers around the capital Oslo in an unusual ... tags: CampaigndriverInMinisterPrimetaxiUnusual