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Huge turnout for historic Ulster unionist commemoration

An estimated 30,000 unionists in Northern Ireland have commemorated one of their most important historical dates.Amid tight security eight ... tags: commemorationeuronewsforhistoricHugeKingdomPolitics

Concerns over turnout in Ireland fiscal pact referendum

People in the Republic of Ireland are voting on whether to ratify the EU's fiscal pact which seeks to impose strict limits on countries' ... tags: ConcernseuronewsfiscalIrelandoverpactReferendum

Voter ID Row Brewing in US

In nearly half of the United States, you don't need any kind of proof of identification to vote. A registered voter merely shows up and ... tags: AmericafraudofrepublicansStatesturnoutUnited

South Sudanese Voting Strong Despite Reports of Violence

Violence in the disputed region of Abyei has killed at least 30 people along Sudan's north-south divide. Still, voters flocked to polling ... tags: independencepollingreferendumsouthstationssudanturnout

Jimmy Carter: South Sudan Election Nearly "Perfect"

While violence on the North-South Sudan border has killed about 30 people, referendum observers are marveling at the success of the ongoing ... tags: Abyeicarterindependencereferendumsouthsudanturnout

Poor turn-out in Chad election

People in Chad are voting in an election which is almost certain to result in a fourth term in office for President Idriss Dby. Opposition ... tags: ChadelectionElectionseuronewsPoorturn-out

Massive turnout for Tunisia's historic poll

Long queues at almost all polling stations indicated this was a special election in Tunisia. Officials claim the turnout in the country's ... tags: ElectionseuronewsforhistoricMassivepollTunisia

Iran elections : where are the reformists ?

TOPSTORY There is no doubt that conservatives will win the elections for a new parliament in Iran, as the reformists were disqualified. ... tags: conservativeselectionsFranceIranlownewparliament

Reality Check week ending June 21

In the headlines from this past week Reality Check takes a look at the win of Hassan Rohani, the new president of Iran. tags: 70CheckHassanIranPressRealityRohani

Iran's president-elect policies

Irans president-elect Hassan Rohani says he will seek 'constructive interaction' with the world through a moderate policy after he takes ... tags: constructiveelectionHighIranmoderatepolicyPress

High voter turnout in Iran elections

Iranians vote en masse with the state of the economy, and the question of foreign policy being major factors in determining their pick for ... tags: informedInteriorIranMinistryPresssourcesturnout

Hasan Rowhani Breaking News: Moderate Cleric Hasan Rowhani Elected President of Iran, Interior ...

Moderate cleric Hasan Rowhani elected president of Iran, interior ministry says Iran market welcomes partial election results Reformist ... tags: IranIranianNuclearofprogramreformistsRepublic