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Lenon Honor Speaks about Occupy Wall Street

01/24/12 Other illusionary media propaganda campaigns 11-11-11 Doomsday Event Elenin / Niburu The Death of Osama Bin Laden The ... tags: Edward BernaysIllusionLenon HonorlenonhonorlenonhonorfilmsMedia Mind ControlMind Control

Lenon Honor Global Motion Picture Stage Show 3

My website My new website Lenon Honor's Bio Lenon Honor is a husband, father, musician, video producer, ... tags: 911ConspiracyDroneFilmsgovernmentHonorIlluminati

Lenon Honor How to Decode Media Manipulation 1 of 4

To view this video in full visit To download the full 12 hour video series visit Visit my new ... tags: 911 ada Alex jones Alternative News Analysis BP Oil Spill Corexit

911 Fear Based Mind Control Program by Lenon Honor

During this 1 hour and 30 video Lenon Honor breaks down the history of the 911 Fear Based Mind Control Re-Installation Program. Lenon Honor ... tags: 1984 BP Oil Spill Conspiracy Theory Ground Zero Home Grown Terror Inside Job Libya

Charlie Veitch was made an offer he couldn't refuse!

Another one bites the dust Yes, the powers that be do not like opposition, you either join their club or you go bye bye. I salute Charlie ... tags: 9/11 alex jones Captain conspiracy global elite government Joe