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True Game Review - Minecraft

I asked myself what is the point of minecraft What do you do in MC What is the goal and ultimate end of MineCraft There really is none ... tags: GameGoalMCMinecraftMine_CraftPointPurpose

Genesis Driver review

This is my first time trying to use WeVideo so I don't quite know what to expect with it I decided to try to use it because of some tips ... tags: ArmoredArmsFourzeKureshimaMelonMoonRider

Chrysler: Fiat's American dream to come true?

Fiats 3.2 billion euro deal to gain full control of Chrysler sent its shares shooting up 16.4 percent to hit their best price in two and a ... tags: AmericanChryslerChrysler:comedreamFiatFiats

True Game Reviews - Darksiders

Darksiders how awful was it Pretty awful given the amazing game it could have been. Cartoons and Apocalypse just do not mesh well. This ... tags: DarksidersPlayStation_3PS3ReviewTrue

True Game Reviews - Castlevania Lords Of Shadow

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow turned out to be a pretty amazing game that I can replay again and again today. The characters are lovable and ... tags: Castlevania:_Lords_of_ShadowPlayStation_3PS3ReviewTrue

True Game Reviews - BioShock 2

Bioshock 2 has been a stain on the gaming mattress since it's birth. It's extremely hard to get into. It lacks a good story and the ... tags: Bioshock_2PlayStation_3PS3ReviewTrue

WTF Buffalo Gives Birth To Human Like Baby

Have you ever seen a buffalo giving birth to a human baby Well, we dont mean exactly a human baby but a human-like baby. In Thailand, a ... tags: buffalo_birth_humanfactstrueweirdweirdtruefacts

Julia Roberts Says Meryl Streep Fulfilled Her Lifelong Acting Dream

'August Osage County' is one of the most buzzed-about films this awards season. Two big reasons for that Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts We ... tags: abigail_breslinaugust_osage_county_cast_interviewshollyscoopjuliameryl_streeprobertssays

The Ultimate SEO Tip HOT BLOG TIPS

Website YouTube Channel The ultimate SEO Tip I could ever possibility give anyone on earth would be to visit this website and watch this ... tags: BestBlogHotHowSEOTipsTos

Airline makes passengers' Christmas wishes come true

Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet gave passengers an early Christmas surprise as part of a jolly PR stunt. tags: CleverFeel_GoodJollyMakesPassengersPR_Stunttrue

5 Best Food To Lose Weight

Well at a time when internet is everything and the growth of technology is such that all things can be done with just a remote, a check on ... tags: amazingfactstrueunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts