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Morsi trial delayed due to 'bad weather'

The Muslim Brotherhood has issued an official statement holding Egypt's interim rulers responsible for the safety of the ousted president ... tags: AfricaBrotherhoodCairoCourtTrial

Petition filed against Musharraf for handing over Pakistanis to CIA

Around 20,000 people are estimated to have gone missing in Pakistan since 9/11. Many among them were handed over illegally to the US. tags: Asia-PacificCoupDictatorMilitaryPakistanTrial

Egypt on edge as Mursi trial rescheduled for February

The trial of Egypts deposed President Mohammed Mursi has been rescheduled for February 1.Bad weather delayed the resumption of the ... tags: edgeEgyptFebruaryforMursiMuslim_BrotherhoodProtests_in_Egypt

Former Nazi guard acquitted after evidence was lost

One of Germanys last war crimes trials has ended. Dutch-born 92-year-old Siert Bruins a security and border guard during World War Two was ... tags: acquittedafterevidenceGermanyguardlostNazi

Woman on trial for 'copycat' acid attack on friend

By Celia PaulMary Konye, 21, allegedly followed Naomi Oni home and attacked the Victoria's Secret lingerie shop assistant for once calling ... tags: acid_attackburqamary_konyenaomi_oninewseurope_newssnaresbrookstratford

Egypt on edge as Mursi trial resumes in Cairo

The trial of Egypts deposed President Mohammed Mursi has been delayed due to bad weather.Egypt is on edge ahead of his court ... tags: CairoedgeEgyptMohamed_MursiMursiMuslim_BrotherhoodProtests_in_Egypt

Trials Evolution

Web enregistre avec le botier AVerMedia Game Capture C281 Trials Evolution est un jeu d'adresse tlchargeable sur le Xbox Live. Le ... tags: ejayremyevolutiongamejeremjvtvredlynxtest

NA Poe or US Assistant Attorney, a criminal?

US Asst. Attorney Goldberg was Rosa Parks a criminal Subscribe to our channel '... The government recommends special conditions of ... tags: activistarrestFederal_chargesfree_speechmarijuana_legalizationNA_PoePhiladelphia

Musharraf skips treason trial on ‘health problem'

This was the third time that Pakistans former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf failed to appear before the court in connection with ... tags: Asia-PacificCoupCourtMilitaryPakistanTreasonTrial

Musharraf's treason trial begins

Its a new year and its a new beginning in Pakistan. And this is the first time in the countrys history that any military ruler is being ... tags: Asia-PacificCoupCourtJusticeMilitaryPakistanTrial