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Hamas Concerned Over Losing Grip On Gaza

Hamas carries out military parades in response to external and internal threats

NYC mayoral candidate de Blasio linked to stop and frisk backer Bratton

Rania Khalek Despite running on an anti-'stop and frisk' platform, democratic mayoral candidate de Blasio linked to Bill Bratton who has ...

The Survival of the Palestinian People is Itself a Form of Resistance Pt.3

In this last segment of Reality Asserts Itself with Rania Masri, Paul Jay asks why she considers Israel the 'enemy' state the one state ...

Thanks to Gov. Corbett, Philly Schools Open Overcrowded and Understaffed

State control of Philly's public education has been a disaster

Wall Street's Latest Scheme Will Cost You More at the Gas Pump

The EPA allows banks to speculate on ethanol credits which drives up prices 20-fold

Is Obama Making Good on His Promise to Close Gitmo?

Four months after Pres. Obama recommitted to close Gitmo, TRNN contributor Michael Ratner gives us an update on the status of the prison

Columbia Professor Latest Sikh Hate Crime Victim

Simran Jeet Singh Systemic racism must be addressed to prevent future hate crimes

Opposing Intervention in Syria Without Apologizing for a Dictatorship

In part two of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Rania Masri discuss the charge that opposing foreign intervention is support for Assad ...

House Extends Monsanto Protection Act

House passes a rider which protects biotech giants like Monsanto from being sued in federal court

Obama's Climate Change Policies Are Imperialistic and Despotic

Pt 2 Subhankar Banerjee The Obama administration's focus on oil extraction and emphasis on fracking is not addressing climate change

Colorado's Biblical Floods Linked To Climate Change

Pt1 Subhankar Banerjee The media has utterly failed its responsibility to inform the public of the link between climate change and ...

Rania Masri on Reality Asserts Itself

Paul Jay talks to peace activist and environmentalist Rania Masri about her journey - from Bahrain to North Carolina, from scientist to ...