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Ep. 1251: Where we find the cypher in the sound

Leaked from today's show Facebook cryptography, steganography in social media, crowd-sourcing a witch hunt, and demonic portraits purposely ...

JFK assassinator's coffin to go on sale

For the JFK-assassination conspiracy junkie who has everything Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin. A Los Angeles auction house ... tags: angelesassassinationdepositoryharveykennedyleelos

RE: Re: Re: Radioactive Fallacy- Conspiracy Theorists Continue to Fail

For those keeping score, I released my 'MoonFaker Radioactive Anomaly' series GreaterSapien responded I ... tags: 10-100mevallenbeltbeltsConspiracyContinuecritical

How to Run a Winning Political Campaign: Fight Back First

Sam Graham-Felsen, Barack Obama's chief blogger during his 2008 transformational presidential campaign, discusses how the Obama campaign ... tags: 20082012Action_and_Adventureadsadvertisingadviceadvisor

Jonathan Kay: It's All a Conspiracy

Is bin Laden really dead Did we really land on the moon Author Jonathan Kay spent time researching conspiracy theories for his new book ... tags: birthersconspiracyinternationalNews_Politicspoliticstheoriestheorists

David Morrison - Is 2012 the End of Time? Modern-Day Mayans Say No

Complete video at if 2012 is really the end of time NASA scientist David Morrison offers a solution ask the 3 million Mayans who still ... tags: armageddoncalendarconspiracydoomsdayearthmayanNews_Politics

Americana - The 2nd Revolutionary War

Fri, 10 Jul 2009 094952 -0800CHECK OUT THE REST OF OUR SHOW, 'AMERICANA' ON VBS.TV World Order theorists are the vanguard of the impending ... tags: 2ndalexamericancharleschrisconspiracyconstitution

Obama supporters are F*U*C*KING MORONS! (Busy Little Bees)

More info on the situation and the world. Also talking more about how obama supporters are morons and don't know what they are doing. WAKE ... tags: bailoutbankbankersbarackbeesbusycongress