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Top Baby Bath Tips

Not sure how to give baby a bath Watch as The mommy Alison gives tips on washing baby that will make bath time a synch. tags: Babybaby_bathbaby_bathing_tipsbaby_care_basicsBathbathebathing

When to Wean Baby Off a Pacifier

Want to know when to wean baby off their pacifier Find out the right time to make the transition from tags: Babybaby_care_basicscareforhowOffold

Teething Baby Must-Haves

02/16/12 mommy Maria shows off her Sophie the Giraffe toy, a popular eco-friendly teething toy for baby. tags: babybaby_gearbaby_productsbaby_toysease_baby_teethingeco-friendly_baby_toyseco-friendly_teething_toy

Tips for Making Baby Food at Home

The Bump mommy Alison gives her tips for making baby food that is not only healthy for baby but tasty too. tags: Babybaby_carebaby_foodbumpTipsfeeding_babyFoodfor

Secrets to Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Want to sleep train baby but not sure when to start The Bump tells you how to start training baby to sleep through the night. tags: babies_and_sleepBabybaby_careBaby_sleepbumpSecretsforGetting

Overcoming Baby Naptime Difficulties

Is Your baby having trouble with his nap schedule Follow these tips from The Bump to help your baby get naptimes back on track. tags: babies_and_sleepBabybaby_carebaby_care_basicsbaby_naptime_difficultiesBaby_sleepbumpOvercoming

Decoding Baby's Cry: Hunger Vs. Fatigue

Is your baby crying but you're not sure if he's hungry or tired The Bump gives signs to look for to help understand what your baby's cry ... tags: Baby'sbabys_crybaby_carebumpDecodingCry:crying_babyDecoding

Getting Baby to Love Crib Sleeping

Does your baby not like to sleep in the crib Follow these tips from The Bump that make a peaceful bedtime. tags: babies_and_sleepBabybaby_carebaby_cribBaby_sleepbumpGettingCrib

Baby Care: How to Stop Squirming

Does your baby fidget when you are changing them Follow this helpful tip from The Bump to stop a squirmy baby on the diaper table. tags: Babybaby_carebumpBabyCare:changing_diaperschanging_tablediaper_table