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MALE PILL: Scientists Say Safe and Effective Birth Control for Men is Possible

A scientific break-through has developed an effective and safe form of birth control for males. The pills showed 100 infertility in mice ... tags: babiesbirthbirth_controlfamily_planningfertilityhealthmale_contraceptive

BIRTH CONTROL: Macaques Put on the Pill to Help Control Monkey Population in India

There are so many red-bottomed Rhesus Macaques in New Delhi that officials are considering putting them on the pill. The Macaques have ... tags: birth_controlbreaking_newscentral_zoo_authority_in_indiaindianewsbreakernew_delhiora_media

Top 10 Defining Moments of 1960s America

It was a revolutionary time in the United States. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 defining moments in 1960s America.

Filmmaker J.C. Khoury on LA Talk Radio's Film Courage (Ep. #153)

Filmmaker J.C. Khoury calls into Film Courage to share what he learned from studying under Spike Lee at NYU, why he waited 5 years to make ... tags: anna_chlumskyArtsBusinesscontraceptivedreama_walkerFilmmakersfilm_buff

Behavioral Birth Control

Behavioral methods of birth control are 100 free of charge-but they don't always work. Learn the pros and cons right here. tags: abortionabstinenceanalbehavioralcondomcontraceptioncontraceptive

Internal Birth Control - Diaphragms

Diaphragms, rings, and implants, oh my These discreet, internal methods of birth control may be just the ticket for your pregnancy ... tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptivediaphragmegg

Hormonal Birth Control - The Patch & the Shot

Hormonal birth control doesn't have to start and end with the Pill Here, we look at other options, including the patch and the shot. tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptivedepo-proveraegg

Prescription Birth Control - The Pill

Oral contraception, or the Pill, is the birth control method preferred by over 12 million American women Why is it so popular tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptiveeggejaculate

Internal Birth Control - IUDs

What's the most popular form of birth control in the whole world Surprise, it's the intra-uterine device, or IUD. tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptiveeggejaculate

Permanent Birth Control

Would you be shocked to learn that the most frequently used method of birth control in the United States is...sterilization Get the facts ... tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptiveeggejaculate

Over the Counter Birth Control

Condoms for men and women, the sponge, spermicides... choices abound for people who want to get their birth control from a local drug store tags: abortionanalcervixcondomcontraceptioncontraceptiveegg

Contraception: Less Sex, More Love?

New research shows the pill affects a women's choice in partner. tags: birth_controlcontraceptionHealthhealth_newsloverslove_lifemarriage