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Political instability comes to Senegal

Is Senegal's long tradition of democracy under threat we look at the unrest sweeping the country ahead of the Presidential election. tags: Al JazeeraAl Jazeera EnglishDakarM23NdourSenegalSenegal Elections

The Stream - Saudi journalist faces trial over tweets

Is religion too taboo for social media We'll discuss a case of so-called 'Twitter blasphemy' in Saudi Arabia. tags: Al JazeeraAl Jazeera EnglishaljazeeraHamza KashgariIslamKashgariSaudi

The Stream - Iowa votes for US 2012 Republican presidential candidates

On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, we examine US Republican presidential candidates and their policies. Thumbnail image Chip ... tags: 2012AlAl JazeeraAl Jazeera EnglishBachmanElection 2012Elections

The Stream - President vs the media in Ecuador

Is Ecuador's President Rafael Correa pushing media censorship by suing journalists who criticise him tags: Al Al Jazeera Al Jazeera English Correa Ecuador English Jazeera

The Stream - Asylum seekers in Australia & economic development in Haiti

Australia's policies towards asylum seekers. Plus, why some accuse Haiti's factories of being sweat shops. tags: Al Al Jazeera Al Jazeera English asylum asylum seekers Australia boat people

The Stream - Are we entering an age of cyber-censorship?

As many nations try to regulate the internet, how far will governments go to censor online content Plus, one Austrian student's battle ... tags: AlAl Jazeeracyber-censorshipEnglishinternet censorshipJazeeraLatoya Peterson

The Stream - Organisations providing aid to Somalia face scrutiny

With famine driving more Somalis to Kenyan refugee camps, social media users rally to financially support victims. But, are the donations ... tags: aljazeera famine KNaan somalia the stream thestream youtube

The Stream - US motives in Afghanistan

Writer Pepe Escobar's piece on Al Jazeera's website questioning Washington's motives triggered a major online discussion. tags: afghanistan aljazeera pipeline stream the stream thestream Turkmenistan

The Stream - Can social media enrich democracy?

In this episode We'll take a look at Vote Compass, an online tool designed to help voters make more informed decisions at the polls. tags: aljazeera democracy polls social media the stream thestream Vote Compass

The Stream - Syria's crowdsourced coverage & citizen journalism in Iraqi Kurdistan

In this episode An update on the Syrian uprising and citizen journalism in Iraqi Kurdistan. Joining Derrick and Ahmed on set is guest ... tags: Iraqi Kurdistan Kathering Maher Syrian uprising the streamCitizen JournalismIraqi KurdistanKathering Maher

The Stream - Nakba Day protests & Netizens rally For Palestinian rights

In This Episode We're discussing Nakba protests with Ayman Mohyeldin, Glynnis MacNicol, Jon Elmer and Mohamed Waked. tags: Glynnis MacNicol Jon Elmer Mohamed Waked Nakba protests netizens Palestinian rights the stream