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Termites attack

Ici on les chasse. L on les mange. Ailleurs on s'en sert comme mdicament... Les termites nuisibles ou utiles C'est la question que pose ... tags: entomologieentomologisteinsecteinsectyesparasiteparasitestermite

Mysterious Creators of African Fairy Circles Revealed.

Follow Us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook The mystery of the African fairy circles has been solved German Biologist N. Juergens has solved ... tags: africacausecirclesfairyjuergenstermintestermites

Banknotes worth 65,240 dollars eaten by termites

An old lady's banknotes worth 400,000 yuan around 65,240 U.S. dollars were eaten by termites, with no intact note left, according to the ... tags: BankCashChinaInofOffbeatPeoples

Doit-on se méfier des banques plus que des termites ?

On se mfie beaucoup des banques mais on ne fait pas assez attention aux ravages des termites. Une femme chinoise, d'un certain ge avait reu ... tags: banquesChinedesDoit-oneuronewsInsoliteméfier

Termites munch through a fortune

Losing your money to a bad investment, or having it eaten away by inflation is one thing - but having your savings literally eaten is quite ... tags: BankingChinaeconomyeuronewsfortunemunchOdd

New Orleans Overrun By Termite Swarms

Every year the people of New Orleans have to deal with swarms of thousands of Super-Termites coming out of the ground and causing serious ... tags: funnyLMAOLOLnewsoddROFLrooftop

Solo Termite & Pest Control Video - Laguna Hills, CA United States - Professional Services

Solo Termite Pest Control is a full service company.Fumigation, Structural Repairs, Local Treatments, Foam, ... tags: ControlCountyEradicationOrangePestRodentsTermite

Chimpanzee Family Hang Out

Welcome to Uzoo Wild, where we show wild animals in their... tags: animalsbabychimpanzeecutefamilyplaysweet

Termite Detection and Prevention Tips

Greg Baumann, Senior Scientist for the National Pest Management Association, discusses termite detection and prevention tips. tags: ControlErodeExterminateFoundationHouseInsectsManage

Pest Prevention Tips

In this video, Greg Baumann from the National Pest Management Association will show you how to check for pests and clever tricks to avoid ... tags: CockroachDestructionHealthMethodPreventativeRoachRoaches