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Kobe Bryant Return to NBA Days Away!

Kobe Bryant may make his return to the court as early as Sunday. tags: backmambarecoveryreturnstaples_centerteartendon

Egypt: police fire tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Alexandria

Riot police in Alexandria have used police fire tear gas to disperse protesters demonstrating against a new law, which restricts the right ... tags: AlexandriaClashes_and_riotsConstitutiondemonstratorsdisperseEgyptfire

Thai protesters tear gassed by police

Thai riot police on Monday December 2 threw tear gas at protesters hoping to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The protesters had ... tags: blockadecapitalgasgovernmenthousePoliceprotesters

Proposing To His Girl... It'll Leave You In Tears!! So Romantic!

What do you do when your girlfriend knows that you are going to propose, asks Hey Payola. You fake her out One filmmaker took his long time ... tags: amazingÉmotioncrycuteenjoyGirlfriendproposal

Ukranian police use tear gas on pro-Europe protestors

Clashes erupt in Kiev between hundreds of Ukrainians and police in riot gear who fired teargas at the angry demonstrators. It was the day ... tags: andclashesgaspoliceproducesreportstear

Strong winds and heavy rain tear through the Italian island of Sardinia

Flash flooding on the Italian holiday island of Sardinia has left at least 14 people dead and ten missing.Heavy rain caused swollen rivers ... tags: andheavyislandItalyrainSardiniatear

Turkish police hit protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets

Protestors in Istanbul's Taksim Square stood their ground against water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. Demonstrations were sparked ...

Mosque filled with Muslim Brotherhood violently cleared

The Muslim Brotherhood had been using the Al Fatah Mosque as a shelter, clinic and morgue. Security forces cleared the mosque with tear gas ...

Watch: Greece erupts in violent protests

Raw Video Athens, Greece erupted in violent protests as lawmakers voted on new painful austerity measures demanded to keep the country ...

Tear gas used against Samaikhyavadis outside Botsa's home

Tear gas used against Samaikhyavadis outside Botsa's home

Amnesty accuses Turkish police of using tear gas...

Human rights organisation Amnesty International has released a report on the civil unrest in Turkey this summer that is critical of the ...