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Cameron announces tax boost for 'fracking' councils

By Charlotte PammentJust after the Prime Minister's announcement, French energy giant Total confirmed it is to invest in the controversial ... tags: councilsDavid_CameronenvironmentfrackingNewsEurope_Newsshale_gastax

New housing tax sparks public outcry in Italy

A new housing tax has sparked public outcry in Italy leaving millions of taxpayers baffled and angry. tags: EuropeHousingItalyTax

Spanish princess charged with tax fraud

Princess Cristina of Spain has been charged with tax fraud and money laundering and could face a trial. The Superior Justice Tribunal of ... tags: anddaughterfraudJuanJulieKinglaundering

Spanish princess charged with money laundering and tax evasion

Princess Christina, the younger daughter of King Juan Carlos of Spain, has been charged with money laundering and tax evasion. After a ... tags: andevasionJusticelaunderingmoneyprincessSpanish

Musharraf Paid no Tax-04 Jan 2014

A billionaire Musharraf paid no tax for years tags: MusharrafPakistantax

Hungary tax whistleblower: 'People who expose corruption have to be afraid'

A crowd of some 1,500 people took to the streets of the Hungarian capital Budapest on Saturday, December 28 to protest against corruption, ... tags: afraidexposeFinancial_scandalhaveHungarypeopletax

Greek farmers protest against a new austerity bill

Greek farmers shower police with oranges, in a most ironic and poignant protest against relentless austerity and the passing of a bill that ... tags: AusterityEuropeFarmerGreeceTax

HMRC 'not pursuing tax avoidance' by big firms

Margaret Hodge, the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said there is a 'lot of evidence' that the Government is not pursuing tax ... tags: amazongooglegovernmentHMRCMargaret_HodgeMPspolitics

15 percent agent tax ruling infuriates Ghirardi

Parma president Tommaso Ghirardi has hit out at politicians in the wake of a new act that will see 15 per cent of the money from every ... tags: agentFootballGhirardiinfuriatesMarco_ParoloParmapercent

Monaco to pay 75 percent tax

Ligue 1 title challengers Monaco are to pay the same 75 percent tax rate as their French rivals after a change in the law means they can no ... tags: EnglishFalcaoFootballGlobal_FootballLigue_1MonacoNews