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Syrians keep hope for peace in 2014

For the Syrian town of Atareb, near Aleppo, 2013 was a bad year. Many here are happy to see it gone. Like much of this country beleaguered ... tags: andareForgonehopefulpeacesee

Wounded Syrians taken to German Hospitals | People

More than 30 people wounded in the civil war in Syria have been evacuated from the country by the German military, the Bundeswehr. The ... tags: civil_wardeutsche_wellegermanhospitalslower_saxonypeople_and_politicssyria

Stranded: Syrian refugees in Jordan | People

The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home to about 116,000 displaced Syrians. Conditions in the desert camp are horrendous. Crime is rife, ... tags: desert_campdeutsche_welleJordanmafiapeople_politicsrefugee_campSyrians

A line of despair as Syrians find refuge in Lebanon

The line goes on as far as the eye can see. They have been forced from their homes in war torn Syria. Now they are in Lebanon and they are ... tags: 6000advancesarmyintopeoplesouthernSyrian

Forty percent of Syrians in need of humanitarian aid according to UN

The UN has estimated that 40 percent of all Syrians now need humanitarian aid. The number has gone up dramatically from 6.8 million people ...

Syrians Allowed to Eat Dogs, Cats to Avoid Starvation

A group of clerics near Damascus have issued a decree allowing Muslims in rebel-held areas to eat dogs, cats and donkeys to avoid ...

Somber Eid in Iraq and Syria

It doesn't feel like the holiday season in this Syrian refugee camp. As Muslims across the world welcome the Eid Al Adha celebrations, for ...

Damascus Syrians welcome U.N. chemical arms eradication vote

Fighting between rebels and government forces rages on in Damascus suburbs. New amateur video shows armed men in the trenches engaged in a ...

Northern Syrian town falls into hands of al Qaeda affiliate

Carrying guns and their pride, rebels from the Free Syrian Army are reinforcing a crossing in northern Syria. New amateur video appears to ...

Americans react to Obama's plan on Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the nation and urged Americans to support his threat to use military force to neutralize Syria's ...

Syrians in Damascus relieved over easing of tensions

Residents in Damascus say the palpable tension in the street is easing, now that Western powers are considering a Russian-led diplomatic ...

Syrians form human shields around potential military targets

Syrians are preparing for the worst in the expectation that it is no longer if but when US airstrikes come.That includes regime loyalists ...