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A ravioli container being swallowed by lava flow

There should be a show where people put random sutff in front of a lava flow. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: containerflowlavaravioliswallowed

Inside a deadly Fla. sinkhole

Officials in Florida released a video of the inside of the massive sinkhole that opened under a man's bedroom and swallowed him up. Norah ...

Body won't be recovered from Fla. sinkhole

It took four days to carefully remove debris and reveal the sinkhole that swallowed Jeff Bush. Manuel Bojorquez reports officials have told ...

Man swallowed into sinkhole is presumed dead

The demolition has begun on a home in suburban Tampa, where a sinkhole opened up under a man's bed and swallowed him in dirt and rock. ...

Corona owner swallowed by AB InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's biggest brewer, is to buy the half of Mexico's Grupo Modelo it does not already own. The price is almost ... tags: CoronacorporateEconomyeuronewsInBevMexicoowner

Boots Electric - Swallowed By The Night (Live)

Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes AKA Boots Electric plays the song Swallowed By The Night live and acoustic in the American Hotel in Amsterdam on ... tags: 2011acousticBootsByElectricHughesJesse

Dramatic video: Man swallowed by sinkhole

Dramatic video of a man swallowed by a sinkhole in Shenzhen, China has emerged. The security guard was pulled from the hole but later died. ... tags: bychinainmansinkholeswallowed

A surfer swallowed by a whale?

In Santa Cruz, CA, a surfer got almost swallowed by a whaleMore info on d'infos sur - Santa Cruz en Californie, une femme sur une planche ... tags: AlmostSurferSwallowedWhale

Miami Could Be Swallowed by the Sea Due to Rising Water Levels

Many feel that Miami, Florida is destined to end up underwater and by some estimates itll probably happen in a hundred years or less. Its ... tags: byEnvironmentlevelmiamiNewsrisingsea

Man Swallowed by Hippo and Lives

A man lives through being swallowed by a hippo.The hippopotamus is one of Africas deadliest killers, only to the mosquito. They have caused ... tags: afterbyhippolivesnewsswallowedweird

Sinkhole home demolished

A house is demolished in Florida, where a man is presumed dead after falling through a sinkhole that opened underneath his bedroom. Jeff ... tags: andasleepbedbedroomCharltondownhome

Florida man feared dead after sinkhole swallows him

A 36-year old Florida man was feared dead Friday after a sinkhole suddenly swallowed up the bedroom of his suburban Tampa home the night ... tags: bedroomdeadfamilyfearedFridayhelphome