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Giant sinkhole swallows homes in Brazil

A security camera on Brazil has captured the terrifying moment a massive sinkhole opened up in the ground and swallowed dozens of houses. tags: BrazilDramaticGiant_Sinkhole_Swallows_Homes_In_BrazilOffbeatSinkholeSwallowTerrifying

Amateur video of villa collapsing in sinkhole

An eyewitness has captured the moment a sinkhole swallowed a large piece of a villa at a central Florida resort. Authorities say the ...

Sinkhole home demolished in Florida

Demolition crews in Seffner, Fla., began tearing down the home where a sinkhole tragically swallowed a man while he was in his bedroom. ...

World's Lowest Voice

This guy sounds like an Orc. It's awesome. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: funnylownailorcsoundswallowvoice

Female Reporter Swallows Fly on Live TV

This is going to do nothing to dispel those mean rumors that sheaposll swallow anything to get ahead in TV news. tags: flylivelolreporterswallow

How To Stop Someone Choking

If the victim is pregnant or obese, place your fist over the breastbone the bone in the middle of the chest and perform the upward ... tags: aidcantchokechokingfirsthazardswallow

Hilarious bulldog prank: guess what he ate ?

It also works with kids Man's best friend / Key to the highway Country United States Brand Volkswagen Year 2012 Agency Deutsch Los Angeles ... tags: bulldogcarDogfunnyhumorjettakeyless

Garbage Truck Swallows Car

If you watch it backwards, it's a beautiful video of a car being born into the world. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: carfunnygarbageswallowtruck

Swallow nesting halts construction in Chinese city

Thousands of swallows nesting at a construction site in Xinzhen in central China's Henan Province have brought the project to a halt. ... tags: chinaconstructionnestingstopsswallow

Mike's Thoughts on Fish Hooks! - Last Man Standing

Mike makes a blog ranting about the warning label on the fish hooks bag For full episodes go to tags: abcAllenchildrencomedyfamilyfatherhoodfish

Mike's Thoughts On Fish Hooks!

Mike makes a blog ranting about the warning label on the fish hooks bag. tags: AllenComedyfishhooksMikeswallowTim