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Rust [Spotlight] - Rock Fighting Simulator

to subscribe and Aphmau check out Rust, this crazy rock simulator. Oh wait, isn't this a survivalgame Well, they've got some big rocks and ... tags: Acceptedchallengechallengeacceptedincdayzfacepunchfacepunch_studiosrust

Alien Isolation Video Origin

Alien Isolation Video Origin Video del estudio de desarrollo sobre esta propuesta survival inspirada en la serie Alien Sensession ... tags: acctionalienisolationoriginSegasensessionsurvival

Survival - Eminem (Karaoke Version And Lyrics)

Yeah.Hook Liz RodriguesThis is survival of the fittestThis is do or dieThis is the winner takes it allSo take it allVerse 1Wasn't ready to ... tags: artist:Devil_karaokeBest_KaraokeCoverDevil_karaokeEminemHigh_QualityKaraoke_Version

Alien: Isolation Preview Gameplay

Alien Isolation has just erupted from an incubating egg, wrapping the sinewy fingers of survival horror around one of the most iconic ... tags: alienAssemblycreativeficgameplayhorrorisolation

Alien: Isolation Interview - Story and Inspiration

The recently revealed Alien Isolation has finished incubating and we got the chance to chat with senior producer Jonathan Court and design ... tags: alienalien_isolationAssemblycreativeFilmgameplayhorror

RUST some problems I see in Alpha

RUST some problems I see in Alpha. Rust is a survival game created by Facepunch Studios. Inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft and ... tags: alphafpsgamegameplaymirrormaskgamingmmoplayrust

Alien: Isolation Gameplay Interview: "You're going into the unknown"

The recently revealed Alien Isolation is scuttling towards us through the shadows, and we recently got the chance to chat with senior ... tags: alienalien_isolationAssemblycreativeFilmgameplayhorror

Alien: Isolation Developer Diary

In this Alien Isolation developer interview the Creative Assembly team take us through the development history of their brand new survival ... tags: alienAssemblycreativeficgameplayhorrorinterview

[Nemi & Asa Play] Amnesia : A Machine For Pigs - Épisode 04

Salut les amis 4me pisode de notre Let's Play d'Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Aprs environ 1h de jeu, le manque de monstres commence se ... tags: amnesiafrictional_gamesgameplayhorrormachinepigsplaythrough

Alien: Isolation Gameplay Interview: The Alien, "He is a living entity to us"

Alien Isolation has recently burst from an acid-damaged air vent, promising to recreate the claustrophobic chill of the original movie. We ... tags: alienAliensgameplayhorrorinterviewisolationmovie

Alien: Isolation Gameplay Preview: Can Sega save the Alien franchise?

We gather together industry experts from Official PlayStation Magazine, PC Gamer and CVG to preview upcoming survival horror game Alien ... tags: alienAssemblycreativeficgameplayhorrorisolation