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A whale of a mystery in Uruguay

Mystery surrounds the death of a sperm whale that washed up on a beach in Uruguay. The whale is about 52 feet long -- or 16 meters. While ... tags: deathMysteryreportsspermsurroundsthatUruguay

Confusion surrounds fate of Turkish fighter missing...

Confusion surrounds the fate of a Turkish fighter missing over the Mediterranean.Earlier reports suggested Syrian air defences shot the ... tags: ConflictConfusioneuronewsfatefightermissingsurrounds

Mystery surrounds powder discovery at Zurich post office

The discovery of mysterious powder forced Swiss police to evacuate a post office near Zurich last night. Dozens of people complained of ... tags: discoveryeuronewsInquiryMysteryofficepostpowder

Health mystery surrounds China's 'next president'

China's top leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping has not been seen in public for 10 days, sparking rumours that he is seriously ill.The 59-year-old ... tags: ChinaChinaseuronewsHealthmysterynextPolitics

Violence surrounds funeral in Bahrain

Funeral services in Bahrain for a 16 year old that police say was killed in a traffic accident. Activists say the young man ran onto a busy ... tags: activistsBahrainfuneralmolotovpoliceProtesterssurrounds

Where to bury Tsarnaev

As authorities continue their investigation of the deadly Boston Marathon bombing, the funeral home that prepared the body of suspect ... tags: burialburyControversyJulieNocereportssurrounds

Secrecy Surrounds AMD's Fusion Wafer

Advanced Micro Devices gave reporters a first look at its new Fusion processor on Wednesday. The demo system was kept out of view and after ... tags: advanced_midro_devicesamdAMD'sAMD_fusion_waferFusionidgnewsSecrecy

Darkness Surrounds Roberta

Sexy whodunit concerning wealthy politician's philandering wife who is kidnapped and blackmailed by a masked madman. The madman entraps her ... tags: 2008darknesshorrorrobertasurroundsthriller

Mystery surrounds Hayden neighborhood flooding

A Hayden neighborhood is flooding right now but homeowners don't know where the water is coming from. KXLY4's Annie Bishop reports. tags: floddinghaydenidahokxly4mysteryneighborhoodnorth