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League of Legends - Diana Build - with Commentary

Taking a look at Diana in the jungle. Take a look, don't forget to Like and Sub for more videos.Score - 16-4-9Items-Magic pen bootsCatalyst ...

All Arrows Lead To Kassadin : Montage

During a v5 we found our Ashe's arrows to seem to heavily favor one individual on the enemy team...Music quotGold Rush - Kevin MacLeod ... tags: 5v5allarrowarrowsashebelievecan't

EPIC BARON ASSIST - League of Legends - (Game 10)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here Gangplank is probably one of my top three favorite champs to play as at this point, haha. If ... tags: 3D5v5actionadadventureaudioazurite

MUCH BETTER - League of Legends - (Game 9)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here So yeah, I've gotten a hell of a lot better at LoL now this was my time using Mordekaiser and ... tags: 3D5v5actionadventureapaudioazurite

KILLSTEAL MANIA - Blitzcrank Montage - (League of Legends)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here In reality I could give a damn less about kill stealing because as long as we win the game I ... tags: 3D5v5actionadventureaudioazuriteazuritereaction

League of Legends: Ranked support with Sona by Warbyd (LoL Gameplay/Commentary)

02/06/12 to watch League of Legends Ranked with Wukong by Warbyd LoL Gameplay/Commentary League of Legends Ranked support with Sona ... tags: 799366646648adalistaranimalblcblitzcrankcarry

POLE IN YOUR HOLE - Nasus Montage - (League of Legends)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here Viewers of mine that I was playing with in some of the clips RingPuzzle = ... tags: 3D5v5actionadventureasyleniaudioazurite

OLD GAME WITH WUKONG - League of Legends - (Game 8 Part 1)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here Since the time I shot this video, I've went up about 8 summoner levels and gotten ... tags: 3D5v5actionadventureaudioazuriteazuritereaction