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HAPPY BOSSES: New Study Reveals People in Charge Suffered Less During Recession

Bosses are happier than their employees- go figure. According to a study from PEW research, nearly a third of Americans lived in poverty ... tags: audra_mariebosshappinesshappynewsbreakerora_mediaora_tv

MCDONALD?S DIET: Man Loses Weight On a 90-Day Fast Food Eating Plan

A high school science teacher from Iowa went on a 90-day McDonalds diet and lost weight He wanted to prove that following a 2,000 calorie ... tags: alyssa_caverleydietexperimenthigh_schoolmcdonald’snewsbreakernutrition

SEXERCISE: New Study Shows Hitting the Sack Is As Effective As Going to the Gym

According to researchers at the University of Quebec in Canada- an hour in the sack can burn as many calories as a 30- jog. Men reportedly ... tags: Digital_TelevisionEffectiveGoingGymHittingNewOn-Demand

Miniature Mountain Color Study - Time Lapse Speed Painting

This miniature is a color study for a larger piece I am doing. Oil painting over acrylic under-painting. Canvas is 5 X 7 cm. Video was sped ... tags: ArcticArtColorminiaturemountainoil_paintingPaint

BLUE JANUARY: First Monday of New Year Considered Most Depressing Day of the Year

The first Monday in January has been dubbed the most depressing day of the year as guilt-ridden and sad tweets take over Twitter. ... tags: blue_mondaydepressingdepressiondivorcemelissa_mccartynewsbreakernew_year

University of Pittsburgh study shows ergonomic keyboards may not be better

The more expensive and best-selling keyboard these days is the alternative keyboard that claims to spare computer users from hand and wrist ... tags: ergonomickeyboardPennsylvaniaPittsburghstudyUniversity_of_Pittsburgh

'Body Maps' Show Where We Feel Love, Anger, Shame

The all-over glow of happiness, the heart-hurt of sadness, and the sheer numbness of depression were felt in roughly the same way by all ... tags: bodybody_mapsemotionsFinlandlovemapsscience_news

Dogs Align With Magnetic Field When Doing Their Business

A new study says dogs prefer to align their bodies along the North-south axis when relieving themselves. tags: align_with_magnetic_fieldanimal_studydogs_peedog_poopdog_studyfrontiers_in_zoologymagnetic_field

Obesity on the rise in developing nations

A new study by a British think tank says the number of obese people in developing countries is outnumbering those in richer countries. The ... tags: amongdevelopingJulieNocepeoplereportsrise