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How To Inform Your Friend Of Their Cheating Partner

A video lesson on How To Inform Your Friend Of Their Cheating Partner that will improve your being a good friend skills. Learn how to get ... tags: adulteryaffairandbad_newscheatingLeisureLife

How To Bounce Back From A Bad First Impression

We all know that first impressions are important, but what happens when you've made a bad first impression VideoJug will show you how to ... tags: andfirst_impressionhumorjokeLeisureLifeparty

How To Admit You Were Wrong And Not Lose Face

You've argued adamantly but lost. How do you back down without losing your credibility This film, with advice from author Irma Kurtz, will ... tags: andargumentLeisureLifeslangsticky_situations

How To Remember People's Names

This film will show you the basic tricks to remember someone's name - and what to do when you forget A great six step guide to make sure ... tags: andLeisureLifememorypartysticky_situations

How To Stop Laughing At An Inappropriate Time

You've got the giggles - but you can't laugh because it would be inappropriate. We show you what to do in such situations. for great advice ... tags: andinternet_memeslaughinglaughterLeisureLifeparty

How To Tell Your Friend Their Partner Is Cheating On Them

Your friend is in love with their partner but you know that they've been cheating behind your friend's back. Our film shows you how to ... tags: adulteryaffairandbad_newscheatingLeisureLife

How to Handle Awkward Social Moments

We've all been there - forgetting someone's name, getting stuck with the check, or having to fend off unwanted advances. Sarah Ivens, ... tags: awkward_situationsHouse_and_HomeHowdinihow_toproper_behaviorsocial_etiquettesticky_situations