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Hilarische parodie op liefdadigheid

Altijd al willen weten hoe spotjes voor het goede doel worden gemaakt Hier krijg je een blik achter de schermen in Afrika. tags: afrikacharityderde_wereldgoed_doelliefdadigheidstereotypezoomin

Web Extra: George Takei on breaking down stereotypes

On 'Star Trek,' George Takei's Mr. Sulu was the 'best helmsman in the galaxy.' This was no small feat considering one particular stereotype ...

The new breed of muscle car designers

The fully-loaded muscle car has long been a symbol of red-blooded American manhood. But as Priya Clemens reports, the cars aren't changing, ...

The Swabian Housewife: myth or reality? | Made in Germany

'One should have just asked a Swabian housewife,' said German Chancellor Angela Merkel when asked about the Lehman Brothers' collapse in ...

Hard Working Mexicans

Ricky Reyes knows we aren't gonna keep Mexico out, and why would we want to tags: employmentfunnyLMAOLOLROFLrooftopsociety

Anti-crisis solution: pimp your portfolio

If you want to find the job of your life and live a dream life pimp your portfolio. Country FinlandBrand FimYear 2008Agency Publicis ... tags: bankblackcarcarsFimGangstamoney

Dave Chappelle's Block Party - Clip - Not a stereotype

A mix of Dave Chappelle's sketch comedy and musical interludes, inspired in part by the 1973 documentary Wattstax. tags: BlockChappellesClipDaveMusicNotParty

Why are Muslims represented as the 'bad guys' in western movies?

Muslims are still being portrayed as 'the other' in western movies especially Hollywood. tags: CommunitiesHollywoodIslamicIslamophobiaMuslimMuslimsPress

Wow Russia: Moskva, babushka, perestroika.

There's no shortage of stereotypes and strange myths about Russia. They've been clouding people's thoughts about the country for hundreds ... tags: disaindisainerdollsmatrioshkaRussiastereotypeToday

Chris Deslandes : un parisien à la campagne

Quoi de plus effrayant qu'une invitation passer un week-end la campagne Plein d'autres vidos de sketchs comiques Des infos sur Chris ... tags: campagneChrisDeslandeseuropeLaManOne

Illegal Immigration Investigation Film: Sinful Cargo (1939)

Starring superstar leading man Conrad Nagel, Sinful Cargo is the arresting story of an FBI and National Immigration Services hunt to break ... tags: crimedramahumanillegalimmigrationsmugglingstereotype