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Static Electricity Videos by Popular

How Do Photocopying Machines Work?

Photocopying machines are fairly complicated devices, but the basic principal is pretty simple. tags: Content_Typecopy_machinedark_powderEducationelectrical_chargelenseslight

Model Turns to Cosmetic Surgery After Wreck Disfigures Face

The face that brought Charlene Ryan success as a model was destroyed in a split- car accident. As surgeons fashioned a new face, Ryan ... tags: hair_careHealthhealth_beauty_tipsstatic_electricity

Static Magic!

Like/Fav for Static Science Here are 3 cool static electricity tricks you can EASILY do at home, or at work, or at the park an airplane... ... tags: diy electricity fun householdhacker how does static work how to charge a leyden jar how to make a leyden jar

Getting Static Zapped

Getting Static Zapped 025 Husband playing around gets zapped. Regular Keywords Static electricity zapped over react ... tags: Clean_ComedyDumb_Peopleover_reactReal_LifeStatic_electricityzapped

Shock Value

Electricity is raw power unleashed, and Ryan is going on a power trip. tags: air_moleculesAmberlynn_WalkercapacitordangerDaniel_Greenhousediscovery_channelelectricity

Captured Lightning: 2.2 million volt Lichtenberg Figure Sculpture

You can get a complete complete explanation about how these spectacular specimens are created by visiting interior of this 18' x 18' x ... tags: acceleratoracrylicbeamBert_HickmanBlakecapacitordielectric_breakdown

Effin' Shocking: Fun With Van De Graaf Generator

Marc Horowitz hangs on to a Van de Graaf generator, causing positive ions to build up around his body, his hair to stand on end, and ... tags: Angie_GreenupChad_ZdenekIt\'s_Effin\'_ScienceMarc_HorowitzScienceScience_Fictionstatic_electricity

Van De Graaff Demonstrations

This is a collection of experiments using a Van de Graaff generator. The generator uses a belt and two rollers to build up a charge in the ... tags: ChargedChemistryClassroomDemoDemonstrationsEducationElectricity