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Stalin's Vlog - Empire or Napoleon? L4D2 woes, and a new Let's Play.

In this Vlog Stalin talks about droping his Empire Campaign in place of a new Napoleon one, how he will be unable to get more L4D2 footage, ... tags: andEmpireL4D2LetsNapoleonnewPlay

Stalins Vlog Nwnfan98 video: The Fallout and why I made it.

It's all in the title. Stalin abouts about the people's responce to the Nwnfan98 video, including Nwnfan's own and then talks about the ... tags: andFalloutmadeNwnfan98StalinsThevideo:

Stalins Vlog Bad Company 2, Live Lets Plays?, and the alternate channel.

In this Vlog Stalin throws out alot of news about Bad Company 2, a new plan he is working on for live streaming lets plays and gives new ... tags: alternateandBadCompanyLetsLivePlays

Stalin's Vlog - Stalin's Trip to Vancouver to See Kreator (German Heavy Metal Band)

In this Vlog Stalin talks about his day trip with his comrade Phil so go and see a very famous German Heavy Metal Band called Kreator. He ... tags: BandConcertGermanHeavyKreatorMetalStalins

Stalin's Vlog - Live Let's Plays update, and more.

In this Vlog Stalin talks about the livestream channel, the time, the place, and the game. As well he talks about this alternate channel ... tags: andLetsLivemorePlaysStalinsupdate

Stalin's Starcraft II Battle Report #16 (3/3) (4 vs 4 Extinction)

Welcome to Stalin's Starcraft II Battle Report. In this battle I command the Protoss with 3 other allies vs 4 opposing armies. In this ... tags: BattleExtinctionIIReportRushSkirmishStalins

Stalin's Vlog - Busy with packing and movie. The YCL, and a return to Русский ...

In this vlog log, Stalin talks about how he is about to move and getting ready to set up his now aparment. He also talks about the ... tags: andBusymoviepackingreturnStalinsThe

Stalin's Starcraft II Battle Report #34 (2 vs 2 Tarsonis Assault)

Welcome to Stalin's Starcraft II Battle Report, were Stalin gives you the best Starcraft Replays from his own backlog, and the viewers. ... tags: BattleIIMonlythReportRushSkirmishStalins

Stalin's Vlog - NTW and Mafia 2 updates, and my Classes so far.

In this video log Stalin rambles a lot about his various let's play projects, and intended projects. As well he talks about his classes so ... tags: andClassesfarlogMafiaNTWStalins

Stalin's Vlog - Website Coming Along Good but, Need Banners! Also Divine Wind Details.

In this Vlog Stalin details how well the website is coming along, all is good but the forum needs to be bluilt and need Banners for the ... tags: AlongAlsoBannersbutComingGoodNeed

Stalins Vlog Schools done, and Home of the Holidays.

For those who like to talk about nothing. In this vlog stalin updates you have school, and that he has return home. He also talks about ... tags: anddoneHolidaysHomeofSchoolsStalins