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How To Get A Lean Body

Want a fitter and leaner body Richard will show you three simple exercises to get your body in shape quickly and easily. tags: exercisesexercises_for_a_leaner_bodyexercise_to_a_leaner_bodyFashionfitnessgetting_leanget_lean

Leg Complex with Squats and Lateral Jumps

01/17/12 - FREE Bodyweight Training Course HERE Squats and Jumps for a leg complex, set after set, adding weight for squats and 6 ... tags: leg powerleg speedleg workoutplyossquatsSquats and Jumpsunderground strength gym

Underground Strength Gym Ray Jaz Shuts Down The Gym!

01/17/12 - for Trial Workout Underground Strength Gym Ray Jaz Shuts Down The Gym http - for Trial Workout tags: edisonhigh school wrestling workoutjump trainingnjsouth plainfield wrestlingsquatswrestling workout

There's a better way than 3 sets of 10

Dr. Yessis gets some assistance from Joe in showing you exactly why 3 sets of 10 is a terrible way to do strength training. tags: sport performancesquatsstrength trainingweight training

Optimal Workout Recovery Tips

01/09/12 - An Undergrounder asks the question regarding HOW to recover optimally from workouts, avoid the burn out and ... tags: deadliftsEshleg workoutssquatsunderground inner circleunderground strength nationworkout recovery

Lower Body BEAST Mode at The Underground Strength Gym

UndergroundStrength.TV - for FREE Bodyweight Course Cranking a leg workout with a couplet of double Kettlebell squats and trap bar deads... ... tags: coach kurtEshkettlebell trainingnj strength coach edison gymnj wrestling workoutssquatstrap bar

Kim Kardashian's Beach Body Workout

Kim Kardashian is famous for her round, sculpted butt. That's why she makes sure her workout includes exercises to keep her butt firm. ... tags: Agility_WorkoutArmsBackBody_FatBody_NutritionButt_ExercisesButt_Firming

Get Ashlee Simpson's Dancer Body

To get her pre-baby body back, Hollywood mom Ashlee Simpson had a gym set up in her L.A. home for circuit training. Watch this video to ... tags: Agility_WorkoutAshlee_SimpsonBaby_WeightBody_FatBody_NutritionButtCalories

Get Jessica Biel's Perfectly Toned Body

It's true that hiking and walking her dogs play a role in Biel's active lifestyle, but the actress also puts in three to five days a week ... tags: ActressAgility_WorkoutBody_FatBody_NutritionButtCaloriesCalves

What is the Best 15-Minute Workout?

Fifteen might not seem like a lot of time, especially when it comes to burning fat and building muscles, but all it takes is four to seven, ... tags: 15_Minute_WorkoutAerobic_WorkoutCardio_WorkoutDead_LiftsExerciseExercise_EquipmentFat_Loss:_Ask_a_Trainer

Bradley Cooper's Total-Body Workout

When Bradley Cooper had to get shredded fast for his role in The A-Team, trainer Ramona Braganza knew exactly what he had to do. Cooper's ... tags: ActorAgility_WorkoutBikingBody_FatBody_NutritionBradley_CooperBradley_Cooper_Shirtless

Travel Workout: Exercise in Your Hotel Room

In this video, Victoria Park trainer Haskel Garmaise shows a workout you can do in any hotel room that involves a descending ladder ... tags: absburpeecardiocorecrunchesdescending_ladderHaskel_Garmaise