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Nach erfolgreicher Bühnenshow: Mike Tyson will singen und tanzen

Der Ex-Boxer und ehemalige Schwergewichts-Weltmeister Mike Tyson hat eine neue Liebe Zuknftig will der New Yorker auf der Bhne stehen und ... tags: boxenbroadwaymikenewspicertruthtyson

Obama's supreme court choice under scrutiny - 31 May 09

Barack Obama has defended his choice of a new supreme court judge. If confirmed, Sonia Sotomayor would become the first Hispanic woman to ... tags: alaljazeerabarackcourtjazeeranickobama

US keeps quiet over Pakistan drone attack - 25 Jun 09

At least 80 people had been killed after an unmanned drone targeted Baitullah Meshud, the Taliban leader.If confirmed, it would be the ... tags: afghanistanalaljazeerajazeeranatonickpakistan

Secret CIA programme sparks calls for inquiry - 17 July 09

Revelations about the US Central Intelligence Agency's secret assassination programme are leading to calls for a full-scale investigation. ... tags: alaljazeerabushchaneyciajazeeranick

Lightening up US midterm elections

Barack Obama, the US president, is planning to attend three rallies on Saturday to support candidates from his Democratic party, but one ... tags: alternativeamericasnewscampaigncomedianselectionshumourmidterm

Berlin fears left-wing attacks after latest firebomb

The discovery of a firebomb on rail tracks in Berlin has increased fears of renewed attacks by left-wing groups in Germany.Security at ... tags: BerlineuropenewsfirebombsGermanygroupsleft-wingNick

Anger over money received by former East Germany

Resentment is growing about the amount of money flowing into the former East Germany.Now some politicians say it has to stop. From Jena, in ... tags: alclipeuropenewsGermanyJazeeraNickSpicer

US to overhaul Afghan opium strategy - 27 Jun 09

The United States is set to overhaul its anti-drug strategy in Afghanistan by phasing out the destruction of opium poppy crops.Richard ... tags: afghanistanaljazeeraholbroookenickopiumspicer

US strives to overcome Afghan hostility - 03 Jul 09

The US offensive in Afghanistan is the first big step for Barack Obama, the US president, in his renewed approach aimed at fighting the ... tags: afghanistanalaljazeerajazeerakabulnickobama

Iraqi PM admits US troops may stay - 23 Jul 09

The Iraqi prime minister has admitted US troops could stay in the country beyond 2011.Under the US-Iraq Status of Forces agreement, ... tags: aljazeeraeastiraqjazeeramalikimiddlenick

Haitians' hardships continue overseas - 30 July 09

Turks and Caicos police say they will continue their search-and-recovery operation for a shipwrecked migrant vessel that sank off the coast ... tags: alaljazeeraandcaicoshaitijazeeramigrants

US replaces European missile defence plan - 17 Sept 09

The US has outlined a new strategy for its defence of Europe, dropping a Bush-era defence shield plan with proposed sites in Poland and the ... tags: AldefenceEnglishEuropeJazeeramissilesNick